More Utility Quilting


Carolyn Friedlander is a designer whose aesthetic I admire. I also love the fact the she talks about the ‘slow sewing’. Not all quilts need to be a quick fix, and although she uses a fair amount of machine technique she incorporated big stitch into the centre of the blue quilt here. The orange centre is machined.


Utility Quilting21



These shots are from my phone (as all those in this post are, so still getting used to the tech!) in her School House session:


Utility Quilting22


We had the new print run of Utility Quilting in the booth:


Utility Quilting23


And I did some contrast in the ditch Big Stitch on this Kaleidoscope Hexagon piece.


Utility Quilting24


I was excited to meet Marcia Derse once more. I love her fabrics, but it has not been easy to buy them over here in the UK. BUT now she is with Windham Fabrics and they have a great distributor at Anbo. I feel sure we will see lots more of her now in the UK!


Utility Quilting25


Utility Quilting26


Utility Quilting27


Utility Quilting28