Patchwork Dog and Quilt

I do unashamedly love it when it snows.

Having a dog means that you can't just sit inside and look out at it. So I have been out there twice a day, and it is lovely. 

I don't like all the mud and slush afterwards, but Hay Ho, can't like everything!

Just before the snow came I finished  a little quilt , 'Dogs at a Dog Show'. I have another planned where they are playing and have bones and a ball. But here they are in their best and standing straight.


And this is my dog Bosco having a sleep! You know he is asleep, because if he had been awake he would have been in the middle of the quilt, not the cushion!


Don't worry, He doesn't get this cushion or quilt to play with as they have buttons sewn on, and as we all know, that is a choke hazard.

If you have Dog you would like to sew a quilt for, or even make them a cushion, then pop along to The Patchwork Dog and Basket for date and time, and we can sew one together in their new class room!

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  1. Nicky
    Nicky says:

    Cute quilt – every dog deserves one but Maddie would be more interested in playing tug o' war with it than lying on it – unless of course I didn't want her to lie on it…in which case like Bosco she'd be there in the middle!
    Would love to do another quilt workshop with you now that I have just finished another quilt I started  you – leaving only one more, my spools quit!  Would love to do something with circles!???

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