Quick catch up


The last few weeks have been especially busy with Family stuff, my Son’s GCSE’s and planting a garden. And lots of teaching! ( There was also a book deadline, but more of that another time!)

Hence the quietness around here on the blog.

So to share with you today are some great quilts that I have been shown when I went to teach over the last few weeks. These were students who had been on classes  a while back, and were good enough to bring along their quilts to share.

Thank you so much to each of you, and the lovely people who finished stuff and then sent it to the people they were making it for. I love seeing those pictures too!


Some of the pictures are not great due to me and my phone, but you get the idea.

Amazingly even though the quilts were by different people at different venues everyone showed their Rose Star One Patch Quilt.

carolyn Forster students1


carolyn Forster students2


carolyn Forster students3


carolyn Forster students4

And lastly this was funky version getting started of the Twinkle Star quilt. Love this retro look!

carolyn Forster students5