Quilt Market, Portland Part 2 ( and some thoughts)

Here are some more pictures from market in no particular order.

And if you get to the bottom of the post some of my thoughts on Market this spring.

Loved this stitching on a cushion in the Echino booth:

Quilt Market Portland 111


Fun quilt there too in the linen:

Quilt Market Portland 112


Excited by these fabrics from Cocca, Japan:

Quilt Market Portland 113


The Westminster/Freespirit booth was a constant buzz. This is Denyse Schmidt's new fabric for the Fall:

Quilt Market Portland 114


My book signing for United Notions. I took a couple of the quilts from Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts to brighten up the table: 

Quilt Market Portland 115

In action:

Quilt Market Portland 116

This quilt from the Tina Givens fabric line was tied in orange wool, so fun:

Quilt Market Portland 117


'Wish' voile by Valorie Wells. She had the softest quilt made from this line. Guess what I will be ordering!

Quilt Market Portland 118


In conclusion, Market is always fun and it is great catch up with friends and meet new ones. My favourite fabrics were from Wesminster/Freespirit and Art Gallery fabrics. Their lines are so rich and vibrant.

The designers that stood out were the ones not trying to please everyone. Some of the booths seemed to try too hard in my opinion to show the fabric doing too much. This led to a lot of the booths looking very similar even though they were different designers. 

This was also because so many were using so much white (to be modern) with their lines that any impact was lost really. It reminded me of the adage that 'if you cut any fabric up small enough it will look good.' Lots of the lines were lost in the white, so could have been anything.

I think that is why the things that did stand out were the ones were saturated in the fabric.

It is interesting to see what is happening in the industry and where it might be heading.

At the moment, to me it looks very reactive.

For me it is more exciting when it is proactive.

Don't get me wrong, there is lots happening out there, and there will be great new fabrics for one and all to be stitching with.  But no line in the near future that will get me ditching my stash in favour of it!

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  1. Linda Barber
    Linda Barber says:

    Thanks for the photos Carolyn! I was interested to read your comments about the 'modern' trend and fabrics worked with white versus 'saturation'. I have been a little seduced by the modern 'look' and have plans to make a couple of quick quilts. I do agree that the 'wow' factor is achieved when there is more detail in design/fabric and quilting and certainly has more appeal for me. I guess we'll have to wait whilst things go full circle as they so often do 🙂
    Thanks again for posting the photos….

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