Quilting-on-the-Go, goes faster!

I have been stitching some new quilts using the Quilting-on-the-Go method over the last few months (well perhaps years!), and now I need to put the blocks together.

And now to quicken up the process I have been using the amazing Heat Press Batting together tape. I know it doesn't really roll off the tongue, but it does make the quilt making process so much faster……so I can get down to the quilting! Yeah!

The tape comes in two widths, 1 1/2in and 3/4in, and in black as well as white and is easy to find in your quilt shop:

I have used both, and they are both great. Easy clean and simple to use:

This is the front of the quilt so far, a low key Irish Chain:

I just love the way I can do the fancy quilting when the project pieces are small and not cumbersome:

And with the holidays approaching I need to get some portable quilting planned (now this quilt is coming together) so I can take something with me when we travel. I already have some hexagon piecing planned.

And I know, I can't believe I am back sewing hexagons! When I first started quilting and patchwork about 30yrs ago I made hexagons, and have an unfinished quilt top to show for my efforts! But hey ho! they are still fun portable easy accurate piecing to sit and sew wherever you maybe.

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  1. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Hi Carolyn, I finally have posted a thank you from your giveaway. Thanks very much to you, I gave them a whirl and they go together so easy.  What a great way to make that block.  Your generocity showed through in that packet, many thanks to you.

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