Quilting-on-the-Go: in the pipeline


Thanks for all of the lovely comments about the next Quilting-on-the -Go book, ‘Taking it Further’.

It has taken a while I know. Especially as I know some of you had been asking for it as soon as you had completed your quilts from book one. I always said there would be another book, as I was making more quilts that way all the time, and generating more ideas that I wanted to see and teach in quilts. But I did say not to hold your breath!

We are beavering away on the final stages of the book right now, so I am hoping for a preview when I travel to Pittsburgh in the Spring for Quilt Market!

In the meantime go and look over here at Henhouse blog. I met her a few years ago at a show and I just love her fabrics and colour choices. Her Quilt is just lovely!

This is a peak at one of the quilts from the new book, a Burgoyne Surrounded Quilt:


Quilting on the go carolyn forster1




Quilting on the go carolyn forster2




Quilting on the go carolyn forster3

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