Quilting-on-the-Go, Now in stock!!

For those of you have who have been waiting for the new print run of Quilting-on-the-Go, you will be pleased to know that they are now here! I have sent some out to The Quilt Room and to The Cotton Patch, and other shops will get them shortly! Thanks for waiting!

Those of you who are eager to see my new book, Utility Quilting, well not long now! I will see the proofs at the start of September, and I think it will be ready for Quilt Market in October! Hang in there! 

I have been stitching away today at some ideas for a class at The Eternal Maker later in the autumn. It is strange to be thinking of the autumn when we hopefully have a few more weeks of Summer ahead of us! If only it would stop raining!

And this is something I played with just for the heck of it. Amazing how when I have so much else to stitch that I find time to fiddle with something new!

Yes, there are some spools blocks lurking behind these Window Pane blocks. They are patiently waiting to be sewn together!

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  1. Nicky
    Nicky says:

    Just came over to ask how the book was coming on Carolyn?  Looking forward to seeing it!  I need some reminders of how to do some of those stitches so I can finish my little quilt.  
    Looking forward to the spools class and a drafting blocks class with you in October in Dorking but need to get to Chichester to the Eternal Maker…. 

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