Quilting-on-the-Go:nothing new!

There seems to be much discussion in the patchwork world about 'new or 'modern' ideas.

I think debate is healthy, and I enjoy hearing what people have to say, or seeing what they sew under these titles! The more people sewing and quilting the better I say, and if they think they are doing something new or modern so be it!

I am often asked about the 'quilt as you go' as most people assume that the desire to quilt your quilt in smaller manageable or portable size sections is a 'new' idea.

Those of you who have been checking out Barbara Brackman's blog will have enjoyed, as I did, her post about 'Pot Holder Quilts'. Check it out HERE.

These quilts were sewn and quilted in small sections and then put together……… in the 1880's!

I saw a similar quilt at the American Museum of Folk Art in New York last spring, and I was blown away. Let me show you.

Looks like nothing out of the ordinary from a distance:

Take a closer look at the green sashing:

You can see the different quilting in the different sections:

And this is the information card:

This quilt was made for Mary Grow in 1856!

But what I found even more amazing was that no where does it make any reference the the technique that has so obviously been used to sew the quilt! I know I can be nerdy about the construction processes that are used to make quilts, but surely this would have been worth a mention?

Of course I am now just desperate to get my hands on a copy of the book by Pamela Weeks and find out all I can about these quilts!

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  1. Nicky
    Nicky says:

    Yes you keep telling me there is nothing new in the quilting world !   Great to see some good old ideas getting a revival!

  2. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    I remember that quilt, but I missed the details, so thanks for posting. I am finding that the longer I quilt, the more I look back for inspiration.  The big block, make it this weekend kind of quilt doesn't interest me at all and it seems that is the trend of so many patterns these days.

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