Salt Lake City: Utility Quilting pre Launch!

I was at Quilt Market last week to help promote the Utility Quilting book I am doing with Landauer, and I was excited beforehand, but now I have seen the great job they are doing I cannot wait until August when the book is due out!

It will be even more exciting at Fall Market when the book is really there!!!

In the meantime I got to chat with lots of people including this lady:

This is Jennifer Kingwell whose shop, Amitie, in Melbourne Australia  I get a BOM from! I was so surprised when she came to chat about the book and Big Stitch quilting after School House, I just had to introduce myself….. as one of her subscribers who has not been keeping up with the stitching!!

Later in the show she came by when I was on the Landauer stand and we had a good chat. She is so lovely and so talented, I am sort of pleased that I do not live close to the shop, as I would be spending all of my money in there! Her choice of fabrics and the way she puts them together is just wonderful!

However I seem to be doing a good job of parting with my money to her anyway, even from this distance! 

Fabrics wise, there was some great stuff. Things that caught my eye were:

Lecein , Tudor Lane

Moda, Basic Grey, Curio

Marcia Derse

Paula Prass, Botanica

Anna Maria Horner, 

Anna Maria also did a lovely little workshop cum chat about quilting with thicker thread and bigger stitches on her quilts, and painting by numbers with embroidery stitches on her lovely fabrics, so look out for her threads and stitching ideas on her blog!

Yeah! for hand quilting!

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  1. Nicky
    Nicky says:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself Carolyn and welcome back!  Will look forward to that book in August then!

  2. Mary Jo
    Mary Jo says:

    Your book looks wonderful.  I've been wanting to try utility quilting and could find very little information on it so I'm sure there's a market for the book.  Do you know when it will be available in the US? 

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