Search Press Authors Lunch

I spent a lovely time yesterday enjoying the hospitality of Search Press.

They had a lunch where the authors and other book and media people all got together for food and chat!

We could also admire the amazing World Record Breaking Bunting that they hung amongst the books in the warehouse:


 search pressx1


search pressx2


Here you can see us all!

If you would like to make some bunting and need a little inspiration I have one copy of 

"Bunting and Pennants" by Kate Haxell to give away.

Just comment on this post, and I will do a drawing in one weeks time!


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  1. Tracey Dawkins
    Tracey Dawkins says:

    Wow fantastic bunting! I really must get around to making some for our shed! Looks like you had a fab time

  2. Tansy Martin
    Tansy Martin says:

    The best example of bunting I saw was in a converted Methodist chapel in Llyn Gwynant where the locals had transformed the old chapel into a cafe for walkers.  It was very 70's fabric with a very happy air and I am sure there must have been a handful of ex fire and brimstone Methodist ministers turning in their graves at the thought of such desecration.  The cakes were good too!

  3. Brenda Swiestowska
    Brenda Swiestowska says:

    Would love to have a go at making some bunting to brighten up the summer house. Can't believe there are 20 different types in the book.

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