Simply done!

This is an exciting time of year with classes starting up, and so many quilts at the start of their lives!

I had to start up a new quilt this weekend when I realised that I had no sampler quilt to stitich for the Big Stitch classes coming up this week! Yeek!

So this quickly sewn top came into being with very little effort! I will be quilting it in my Big Stitch classes throughout the year unless I get over keen and decide to finish it, and then I am back to square one, with no quilt to demo on.

I must keep myself under control!




And a quilt that required a whole lot more effort was shown to me this week when Jilly from my 'Adavnced' class brought her complete top in to show.

Great job Jilly!!

And with all this creativity around I sat back in a moment of weakness and brought myself a pin cushion by Victoria of Silly boodilly fame.

Other people are just so talented!

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  1. LoriD
    LoriD says:

    How fun to see your student's quilts! It's beautiful!!
    Have fun at  your class. The quilt you made will be perfect for the big stitch.

  2. Nicky
    Nicky says:

    Loved your Big Stitch class Carolyn!  Learnt so much & am just loving the Amish wave it is addictive… Looking forward to Big Hexagons but I will never finish anything at this rate.   Thanks for your advice on the kaleidoscope top – will go with that!

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