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For those of you who have not stopped by before, I hope you enjoy seeing the sorts of things I stitch!

For my Spring Project I used the Plain Leaves Die. For all the patchwork dies, I am used to cutting my fabric with the Sizzix, but for the appliqué that I do I use the die to help me design the finished project and then to cut all the shapes from Freezer Paper! The Plain Leaves gives me one of my favourite applique shapes. There are endless ways to make great applque with this shape.

When I started to think about all the possiblities that this leaf shape offered, I cut shapes to play with from coloured craft paper. I choose to use the Large leaf (you get two sizes on the Die).  Cutting the leaves from craft paper easily on the machine really opens up the ease of designing!

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Here are some of my ideas:

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I decided on a wreath of reds and pinks cut from my scraps with a green stem.

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For this project I needed:

Background Fabric, 20in square ( I used Moda Essential Dots)

Wadding/Batting, 22in square

Backing , 22in square

Freezer paper to cut 29 large leaves

Red and pink fabric scraps

Green fabric for the stem, 1 1/4in wide, 36in long, cut on the bias

Binding for the mat, 2 1/2in wide, 90in long (three strips cut from the width of the fabric)

To begin:

1) Cut the fabric for the background and press into quaters and diagonally. This will help you with placement.

2) Cut the freezer paper on your Sizzix.

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3) Make the circle for the wreath stem by joining the bias strip to form a continuous loop. Then fold wrong sides together into thirds, and either tack/baste down the centre by hand or, I use the largest stitch on the sewing machine. This will easily pull out later.

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4) Position the circle on the background fabric. I often use a plate to help centre this! Pin with the raw edge side down. Applique in place. Remove the tacking.

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5) Prepare the leaves. Iron the shiny side of the paper to the wrong side of the fabrics, allowing enough room to cut them out and adding the seam allowance.

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6) Turn the seam allowance over to the back of the shape and tack in position. The freezer paper shapes cut on the Sizzix gives a nice crisp finish!

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8) Pin the leaves around the stem. I have 10 in the centre and 19 around the outside. Applique down starting on a curved side, not on a point. Remove the tacking and the freezer paper before the last half inch of the shape is sewn down.

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9) Once the applique is complete layer with the batting and backing fabric. I quilted around all of the appliqué. I filled the background in, by dividing it into quarters, and filling each section with lines marked 1in apart. You can see this here on the back of the piece .

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10) When quilted you can trim the backing and batting and then sew on the binding. I use  2 1/2in strips, that you can cut on the sizzix, folded wrong side together and pressed to make a double fold binding.

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