Phew! I don’t seem to have stopped this past week, and yet I haven’t much to show for it! My sewing machine  (I work on a Bernina 1080) stopped stitching mid way through a project. I put it on the floor and kept up the stitching on my Pfaff (Classic Style Home). Then when I was trimming the work, I knicked the cable to the Bernina with my rotary cutter! So when I took the Bernina to be fixed I had to admit to a cut in the cable and ask for that to be replaced! Ugh!

So here is a picture of my second little toy sewing machine(no cable to knick on these!). It is an Essex. I wish I looked as industrious as the girl on the box!!

phpyjggucAM essex machine

To keep calm I have had some Ebay therapy and now have a copy of the Safford and Bishop book , American Quilts and Coverlets.Or I will when it arrives. You know how it is, you finish browsing the antique quilts, so you might as well move on to the books, and the next thing you know…….:-)

And in the same vein I have signed up for the Material Obsession BOM. I was pushed over the edge when I saw how Amy was getting on with hers. I have loved the quilts that Sue Ross sews when you get to see bits on the MO web site, so really I don’t know why I had waited! It looks like my precise piecing skills will be put to the test when I start sewing though, unlike when I sew the String Stars……they still look great when the bits don’t match! (A close up here for you to see the fabrics Kathie).

phpZKjbkxAM close up string star

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  1. Joy
    Joy says:

    Hey, I am looking to buy a used Bernina 1080 and was searching for some reviews on this machine. I came across your comment…….can you tell me anything about this machine? My sister has an old Bernina and it works like a dream.
    Thanks for your comments……also do you prefer the Pfaff? I currently have an old Kenmore and a newer Euro Pro Shark ( piece of junk).

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