Square by Square Quilt class


Last term I was thrilled to be teaching a group of ladies in the evening. We had six sessions with space for home work in between! And boy were those ladies keen.


We worked on a quilt based on the ‘Square by Square’ quilt in the Utility Quilting book.


And here are the quilts by the time we finished off. I know for sure, Sarah has now completed the quilting and has her quilt bound!


Well done everyone, it was a fun group!


Square by Square Utility Quilting

Square by Square Utility Quilting


This one has tea cup fabric!


All squared up quilt2



This one grew to be huge:

All squared up quilt3


Playing with some stars:


All squared up quilt4



Medallion format:


All squared up quilt5



Sarah’s quilt which is now finished!


All squared up quilt6