Square by Square

Happy New Year!

Lets hope 2013 holds lots of lovely quilty projects for you!

Something I stitched together before the end of 2012 was a version of Square by Square from Utility Quilting.







This one looks so different from the Low Key one I had in the book. But equally fun to sew :


I loved these fabric lines, all the crispness. A bit like all the clear crisp colours in the sunshine today, with the snow and all the different ski outfits.


I brought my knitting with me for a change. I started a sock pattern as I have wanted to knit socks for ages now. Little did I know that everyone knits them in rounds, and I managed to buy the only pattern that knits them on two needles flat!!!!

So my knitting is in a muddle at the moment, and ready to be unpicked. When I get back home I will be in search of the perfect sock pattern in a book or leaflet and I will start again. Any recommendations?

In the meantime I will unpick my sock  as far as it has gotten and start on the hand warmers, and continue with the quilting I have! At least I know I can't go wrong with my Quilting-on-the-Go!

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