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Hidden Stars
This simple but stunning quilt is a great scrap quilt that will eat into your stash, or let you indulge in purchasing those fabrics calling to you from the shop shelves!

The quilt is sewn using some ‘sew then cut’ techniques and easy chain piecing. A great project for building your confidence with rotary cutting and machine piecing. And for those already confident in these areas, a quick quilt with stunning results.


Wagga Wagga – The Australian Bush Quilt
This is a real quilt in a day! Learn the history behind the name of this intriguing quilt. Then using 11 fabrics and quick cutting we piece this bold Australian bush quilt in double quick time on the sewing machine. Your Wagga Wagga can then be quilted in thick threads and Big Stitches or on the sewing machine.

Perkiomen Valley Quilt
A quilt for true scrap quilt lovers. Learn the history behind the quilt and then using rotary cutting and sewing machines we ‘get sewing!’ By sewing split 9-patch blocks or its variations we learn to create endless stunning quilts like those of its historic namesake. A great class to reinforce rotary cutting basics and for those who enjoy the design possibilities offered by this quilt.

Stash Buster Quilts
Learn how to piece 9-patch blocks and then cut them up to create 3 completely different quilts! These include ‘Patience Corner’, ‘Woven Throw’ and ‘Star Light, Star Bright’. This busy day with your rotary cutter and sewing machine will give you the momentum to eat into your fabric stash with these quick and addictive quilts!

Japanese Bag of Squares
Make these three useful and fun bags quickly from squares of fabric! Using clever but simple construction methods, they can be made to any size with no tricky calculations, just simple squares. We also sew the ultimate bag from a single square of fabric! Rotary cutting, machine sewn hand finished.

Utility and Big Stitch Quilting
Tired of fine hand quilting but not comfortable with machine quilting? Then you are ready to try Big Stitch Quilting and its variations. These are quick ways to quilt your tops by hand using such stitches as Crows foot and Mennonite Tacks along with buttoning and tying.
On a pre-made top (pattern supplied) you will stitch all the different stitches and try your hand at Amish wave or elbow quilting. We will also look at how women in years past quilted quilts quickly with utility type quilting designs. Hand work.

Strips and Strings
See how fast and fun you can make this age old technique that originated to use up the fabric strips you’d trim off and discard. Strips and strings are sewn into new fabric and blocks, creating quilts from ‘free’ fabric! A busy day learning different ways to use the leftovers, you will sew blocks that include ‘Spiders Web’ ‘String block’ and ‘Eight Point Stars’!, Reduce your stash and use up the odds and ends. Machine piecing and rotary cutting.

Jelly rolls, Layer cakes and charm squares: let’s get them in our Quilts!
A day full of ideas and quilt blocks. We look at the many possibilities offered by these pre-cut bundles of fabric and sew some sample blocks too! We look at Omnigrid Right Angle rulers 96 and 98 and see all of the possibilities these open up to us when used with Jelly rolls! The blocks are sewn on the machine for speed on the day, but can easily be sewn by hand.


Students ideally need a three or four week gap between the two days to allow for preparation for the second day.

If you enjoy small bits of quilting but dread the idea of marking and stitching a full-size quilt, try this method and you need never quilt a quilt in one go again. (Based on the book of the same name).


Start with Stars (Beginner Quilt)
A beginners/refreshers quilt. Using the Saw tooth Star as our basic block we look at fabric/colour selection, sewing the blocks from simple to more intricate, sashing, borders, basting and basic hand quilting, labelling and binding. Machine and/or hand piecing, hand quilting.

Medallion Quilt (Intermediate Quilt)
Building on the basics learned from Start with Stars we create a quilt from the centre outwards. We cover fabric selection, curved and set-in piecing, sew then cut methods, basic appliqué and vines, fine hand quilting, binding and labelling your quilt. Machine and/or hand piecing, hand quilting.

Advanced Quilt
This quilt builds and consolidates skills learnt Start with Starts and the Medallion Quilt. We will cover calculating yardage, template making and block drafting, colour theory and value and scaling blocks up and down. The quilt will have four challenging blocks and a connector block to set it together. Machine and/or hand piecing, hand quilting.


My classes offer a relaxed atmosphere for students to work at their own pace whilst developing new skills and gaining confidence in their creative ability. I have been sewing quilts for over twenty years. During that time I have taught Adult Education classes and privately to groups and in shops. All classes include advice on quilting designs appropriate to the quilt and information on binding.

Please contact me to chat about your group or shop requirements or just to see what new classes are ‘under development’.

Current Fees
For a maximum of 15 students
FULL-DAY 10.00am – 4.00pm £150
HALF-DAY 10.00am – 1.00pm £95
TALK £95

Mileage charged at 40p per mile, motorway tolls, parking, meals, accommodation as necessary and postage on any samples requested.

Fees for 2020
For a maximum of 15 students
FULL-DAY 10.00am – 4.00pm £175
HALF-DAY 10.00am – 1.00pm £125
TALK £125

Expenses for 2020
Mileage charged at 45p per mile, motorway tolls, parking, meals, accommodation as necessary and postage on any samples requested.