Thursday Pieces

Today is the longest day of the year, so more moments for stitching!!!

So far I have stitched all of the Water Wheel blocks together. I made 100 in total, and I love the way this is looking. It needs a border now, and I have a feeling that only something pieced will do.

Yesterday I went on a trip to Lewes on a wonderfully sunny day. I came back with some goodies from the antique shops:

I just love the colours and illustrations in these. I think we had something similar to these at home when I was growing up.

Of course I went to Patchwork Dog and Basket! I came out with these:

And also with this:

It's an entry form for their Great British Tea Cosy Competition! We have until 21st July to get our tea cosies sewn and sent. Then they will be on show at Made in Lewes (right next to Patchwork Dog and Basket!) during the Olympics. The £3-50 entry fee will help raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. I think this is a lovely way to participate in the Olympic celebrations, as I won't be doing any running!!!

Let me know if you make Tea Cosy, and we could see a preview before visiting them in person down in Lewes!

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