Y- seams

I have been reading a lot about Y-seams lately and mainly how folks don't like sewing them!

I am not proud and I am happy to admit that they don't bother me.

I am happy to sew them and happy with my results. Not always perfect, but they turn the corner and the star usually looks like a star! But I did buy a book that promised you need never have to sew them again, in the name of research, because isn't that why we buy every quilt book/

Anyway the book is Stars by Magic by Nancy Johnson- Srebro, and in it you don't even have to cut diamonds, let alone set in seams.

I have had the book a while, and I have had this quilt for nearly as long, as I stitched it using Nancy's methods almost as soon as I had the book. I was addicted. I love it! I still am not bothered by set in seams, but for those of you who are, this is a great book, give it a go!

Some of the 6" stars:

Full quilt top, 18" star in the middle srrounded by 6" stars.

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