Mini Quilt Blocks

If you are looking for a small patchwork project, then look no further. Mini Quilt Blocks is a creative little book with an astounding 80 variations to stitch, based on 20 different designs.

Ideal for patchworkers, quilters and sewists looking for ideas and inspiration, this book contains designs for 20 mini blocks, all measuring just 12.5cm (5 inches) square, and all constructed from basic shapes including squares, triangles and rectangles. Mini quilt blocks are ideal for making small patchwork projects such as bags, pincushions, coasters and placemats, for incorporating into larger blocks, or for forming motifs within a larger quilt design.

Each of the 20 projects are shown four ways, to inspire the reader with different fabrics and colourways. Each project is accompanied by the number and size of each shape in the block and instructions on the order in which to put the shapes together. Includes techniques on how to cut the shapes using a rotary cutter and ruler, design ideas and instructions for a simple coaster.

Mini Quilt Blocks by Carolyn Forster

Table of Contents


  1. Double Wrench
  2. Puss in the Corner
  3. Sawtooth Star
  4. Duck Tracks
  5. Susannah
  6. Dutchman’s Puzzle
  7. May Basket
  8. Father’s Day
  9. Star Cross
  10. Farmers’ Market
  11. Elementary Block
  12. Duck and Ducklings
  13. Jack in the Box
  14. Butterfly in the Corner
  15. Cross and Crown
  16. Home Circle
  17. Propellor Block
  18. 25 Patch Variation
  19. Wind Blown Square
  20. King David’s Crown

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